Crusader parts for MP8.1L

Crusader Marine Parts
Spark Plug Wire Set
PART #   CRURK120019
Fits Crusader MP8.1L

Spark Plug Kit
PART #   CRURP030009
Fits Crusader MP8.1L

Heat Exchanger End Cap Kit
PART #   CRU23540
Fits Crusader MP8.1L

Dual Station Oil Pressure Sender Optional
PART #   CRU727046
Fits Crusader MP8.1L

Cooler Assembly
PART #   CRURA147039A
Fits Crusader MP8.1L

Accessory Drive Belt (2005-2007)
PART #   CRUR066024A
Fits Crusader MP8.1L

Accessory Drive Belt (2001-2004)
PART #   CRUR066024
Fits Crusader MP8.1L

Oil Filter
PART #   CRU22679
Fits Crusader MP8.1L, MP7.4HO S/N#103696 & up & MP8.2L S/N#103669 & up, Model CM454XL Serial # 88710 and Above, Model CH350 / 454 CID, Model 350 / 454 CID up to 1987, 5.7L Carbureted 1999-2004, MP5.0/5.7L, 454 CID Serial # 69879 and Above

Single Station Oil Pressure Sender
PART #   CRUR020001
Fits Crusader MP8.1L, 5.7L Carbureted 1999-2004, and MP5.0/5.7L engines.

Oil Pressure Switch Single Station
PART #   CRUR020015A
Fits Crusader MP8.1L|Crusader MP5.0/5.7L

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